sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Comparison of adjectives "As...As"

¿Quién es mas estudioso, Felipe o Ricardo?
Felipe es tan estudioso como Ricardo.

Who studies more, Felipe or Ricardo?
Felipe is as studious as Ricardo.

¿Quién es más viejo, Alicia o Ramón?
Ramón es mas viejo que Alicia.

Who is older, Alicia or Ramon?
Ramon is older than Alicia.

¿Tienen más o menos clientes que ellos?
Nosotros tenemos tantos clientes como ellos.

Do you have more or less clients tan they have?
We have as many customers as them.

Exercise on Comparison of Adjectives (as ... as)
Fill in the comparison with as ... as.

John is (tall) ____________________________________ Glen.

Janet is (beautiful) ______________________________Jenifer.

You are (crazy) _______________________________my sister.

We can run (fast) ______________________________they can.

My mom is (not / strict) ________________________your mum.

Your mobile phone is (not / trendy) ____________________mine.

Matrix II was (not / interesting) ____________________Matrix I.

This yoghurt (not / taste / good) _______the one I bought yesterday.

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